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Gail Weatherill

Area Director of Clinical Support

Gail Weatherill has been a Registered Nurse for most of her professional life. She now devotes her energies to helping people living with dementia and their families. Gail believes that the science and art of nursing are the perfect meld to support families and those who live with dementia.

Gail spent the first twenty years of her career working in Medical ICU’s. She has a passion and love of learning that has taken her to teaching hospitals around the world from places like Duke University to King Fahad Hospital in the mountains of Saudi Arabia. Her second half of her career has focused on home health, hospice care, nursing homes, and memory care.

As Area Director of Clinical Support, Gail will oversee the resident and family care delivery processes through support, training, coaching and mentoring facility leadership team members at each facility in her respective area, including Virginia and northeastern Tennessee.

Additionally, Gail maintains a closed Facebook support group for caregivers all over the world, and lives by the motto, “What the brain cannot remember, the heart can never forget.” A graduate of the University of Virginia, Gail lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains. She is the widowed mother of two daughters, and lives with her cat, Silas.