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Vision and Values

Our Mission

"To serve the greatest generation with honor, respect, faith and integrity."

Our Vision

To our residents...
     We will care and serve with honor and respect. 
To our residents' families...
     We are a friend and support in time of need.
To our associates...
     We offer a rewarding work environment that encourages professional growth and an opportunity to share in the lives of our residents and their families.
To the communities in which we serve...
     We are a good neighbor, responsible corporate citizen, and a senior services resource. 
To our profession...
     We are an example of commitment, leadership, and integrity.

Our Philosophy and Values

Legacy Senior Living is committed to conducting every day’s business in a fashion that measures up to the lofty standard we have established for our organizational values as follows:

  • Honor – The greatest generation deserves honor
  • Respect – The basis for servant-leadership
  • Faith – Our goal is to glorify Him as we serve
  • Integrity – Doing what we say we will do